Local Father Pees in 2-Year-Old’s Training Potty

Bradenton man Jeremy Splatterson (38), father of two, urinated in his son’s training potty early this morning. His wife, Reid Splatterson (35), gave us the report.

“That fucking drunk, I swear. We were just enjoying a movie and about to fall asleep, it was probably 1:30am when I heard what sounded like someone pissing on the floor. I look over and my dumbass husband with a giant shit-eating grin was filling up our boy’s potty. Well, trying to, he got piss all over the floor as well.”

Apparently the man had imbibed enough mixed liquor drinks that he filled the small potty and managed to cause an overflow. Reports are coming in now that he is sleeping on the couch for up to a week.

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