World Disappointed Bono Survives Flight Scare

Music fans around the world let out a collective sigh as they discover Bono was not sucked from the plane door when hatch opened mid-flight.

“We were just hoping he’d die,” says Margie Ponce, a music professor at New College. “He’s been invading air waves tag-team, ear-raping with ‘The Edge’ for far too long. The world is sick of it and we don’t want anymore shit shoved on our iPhones without asking.” Ponce references earlier this year when every apple product with an iCloud account had U2’s new album pushed into their library without permission. The backlash over this even caused a public apology from U2.

The rear hatch of the aircraft taking the U2 lead singer from Dublin to Berlin was missing when the aircraft landed at Berlin Schonefeld Airport on Wednesday. –

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