Sarasota Bartender Remembers First Beer for 600th Time

As 10p.m. approached on Wednesday night, Local Bartender and semi-professional alcoholic Cabe Unger of Growler’s Pub on Tamiami Trail recounted the first beer he ever drank for the 600th time. Patron Jimmy Marksyn (22), a Ringling student, fell off his bar stool in front of a small audience.

“I remember my first beer!” Unger exclaimed to a moderate reception of giggles and laughter.

It wasn’t until Unger’s shift was over that he realized this was his 600th time bringing that awful memory back into his mind. He opened his notebook to add a mark for this evening’s prevailings and was shocked to see he had reached such a record. Our editors are currently in talks with Guinness to get this moment memorialized.

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