Bradenton Parking Garage Sick of Being Stereotyped

Stereotypes exist and while some have a touch of truth, society overall has urged to rid the world of generalizations. Great headway has been made in this advancement of human understanding, but some are just too hard to get past.

One downtown Parking Garage is sick and tired of being labeled as dangerous at night. “I hear it all the time. Women walking to their car on their phone, ‘just stay on the phone with me’,” he tells us in his best high pitched woman’s voice. “In case someone’s following me or something, I don’t wanna get raped,” he continued to impersonate.

“I’LL FUCKING RAPE YOU YOU RACIST BITCH!” he screamed. “Not really, but I mean, come one. It hurts and it’s getting old.”

The 25 year old parking garage looks forward to the day he can be seen in a positive light and the past imagery of parking garages as a whole can be put behind us.

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