Local Internet “Scientist” Proves Global Science Community Wrong

(BRANDON) Long time resident Jonah Branson (34) , G.E.D., A.A., who lives with his parents has unearthed an amazing string of revelations proving many well established “facts” in the science world wrong. Through blogs such as conspirinature.com, thegovlies.com and scienceisfullofshit.org, Branson has managed to find and share the truth behind scientific studies on items such as artificial sweetener, cracking knuckles, electronic cigarettes and juicing.

“I did two years at ITT and got my A.A. in Computer Telesupport. It’s a science degree,” Branson tells us. With his elite training he has managed to completely flip the science world upside down. “I was just doing some standard Wikipedia research on knee pain.  My knee’s been hurting for weeks and I barely move from the computer. I just didn’t get what could be wrong since I’m either sitting or laying down 98% of the time. I saw in the article that people have claimed popping joints like your knuckles can cause arthritis. Wikipedia said that was proven a myth, but my gut told me differently. So I started down the road of what I call ‘deepnet research.’

Branson tells us the first article he found that felt right was on a website called sciencewatchdogs.net. The article pointed to all the reasons popping knuckles could cause future joint health issues. The list included such statements and facts as:

  1. The popping sound is your joints scraping each other slowly wearing the bone down and putting tiny bone shards into the muscle tissue causing inflammation and chronic pain.
  2. Sometimes it kind of hurts when you pop your knuckles, this proves it’s bad for you.
  3. You have ten fingers, each finger has three joints, each joint is composed of two bones connected to each other. 10*3*2 = 60, 60/100 (100 is a pure number so we use to find pure answers) = .6, or 60%. 60% is higher than 50% and proves this is true.

Branson has made his revelations public through his Facebook channel. The science world has yet to respond but we can only imagine the impact this will have.

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