Area Liquor Dealer Getting A Little Too Friendly

Paul, who requested we don’t reveal his real name, has been reaching uncomfortable levels of friendliness with some of his clients.

“It’s just weird when your dealer starts asking about your family.  I’m here for the goods, not to make friends,” resident James Alderbeak tells us.  Witnesses tell us Paul acts normal, meaning distant and discreet, when a new client finds him.  But over a few months, gradually, he starts finding clues about your life and referencing them like some sort of new buddy.

“I had to bring my wife with me to reload my stash once. He noticed she had wrist guards on for her carpel tunnel.  Next thing you know he’s asking me how my wife’s hands are doing.  It just makes me really uncomfortable.  My coke dealer never does that.”

According to Paul he believes his clients become friends over time.  We didn’t have the heart to tell him their true feelings.

At press time Paul was asking what part of town a new client’s zip code is from after looking at their driver’s license.

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