Hidden Tragedy: Hurricane Irma Cuts Off Drug Flow To Florida

An unreported epidemic has struck Floridians that over shadows all other tragedies brought on by Hurricane Irma.  Hundreds of thousands of Florida residents are without their much needed marijuana and adderall.  Up to 3.2 million people cannot obtain their daily doses of cocaine.

With travel from north of Florida blocked up for miles and crawling slowly, state drug dealers are blocked from supplying the various outlets.  Over 80% of UPS delivery trucks are at week+ delays carrying thousands of pounds of cannabis.  These trucks also contain the state’s supply of adderall heading to pharmacies.

The Colombian and Mexican cartels can’t make safe passage across the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic due to over abundant traffic from government ships and patrols chartering in various hurricane recovery vessels day and night.  The people of Florida are suffering extreme psychiatric episodes of withdrawal and relentless motivation.

At press time Mexican cartel Drug Kingpin Omar Vasquez assured everybody the flow of drugs would return by noon Tuesday.

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