Area 30-Somethings Not Realizing Cargo Shorts and Wallet Chains Out of Style

It’s baffling to residents in their 20’s and 40’s how those in their 30’s hold onto a dead style in the SRQ area. It’s a phenomenon not seen in many regions. The butchering of style is primarily found in the late 30’s age group but trickles down as low as 32.

Brandon Ferguson, 36, is a paper salesman at Sarasota Chemical and Paper Supply. While light blue jeans and a polo shirt are his work attire, “As soon as I get home I slip on my cargos” he tells us. “I also use a wallet chain to keep my wallet safe and it looks pretty cool. I used to wear two or three chains but I realized that just looks silly” he ignorantly explained, oblivious to how ridiculous he looks.

Reports have come in that the style is still acceptable among middle aged lesbians.

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