Local Freelance Social Media Consultant & Strategic Development Implementer Getting Gigs Thanks to Super Long Title

Cody “The Synergizer” McNabb is doing pretty awesome for a freelancer in the new media industry.  He tells us he’s on the brink of making six digits for 2014.  His secret? “It’s all in the title, baby.”

He explains to SRQNews, “Look, nobody understands Facebook and Pinterest and how to use them for marketing and building business and brand awareness.  It’s a game, you have to find the synergy between your product or service and the digital outlets you choose to cater.  There must be demographic targeting strategies, market research, keyword analytics and of course strategic implementation… my specialty.”

As we prodded for more information, Cody continues to explain, “look… I don’t have any idea what I just said, but that’s the key to this industry.  Fake it til you make it.  Learn big words, learn how to say them really fast and fluid, make up a sick title for what you do and BOOM, you got Eddie Bauer throwing you two g’s a month just to post some shit on their Facebook.” We found this entire interview quite enlightening and Cody was sure to let us know, “also, you have to dress the part and make SURE you use an Apple computer and iPhone.”

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