Local Office Employee Oblivious Everyone Can Tell He Wears Same Pants Every Day

Chris Bartholomew (29) is completely okay with wearing the same pants, unwashed, every day of the work week.  He usually does laundry every three weeks or so and has three pairs of work pants.  To him, the math just adds up and it makes perfect sense.  His co-workers who are in all reality disgusted when they see the same pair of khakis with the stain from Monday still on them, just won’t tell him they are in the know.

According to receptionist Jenevine, “we talk about it amongst ourselves, but no one wants to hurt his feelings.”  She tells us “He’s such a nice guy.  It would devastate him to know we think he’s a nasty, undateable, smells-like-a-homeless-person kind of dude.”

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