Florida Lawmakers Fight to Decriminalize Gay Marijuana

In a heated debate Tuesday evening, Florida Governor Rick Scott continued to defend his stance on gay weed.

“The Bible says, no man shall lay with other men. I didn’t make this shit up, it’s right there in the Bible!”

Befuddled pro-gay marijuana activists tried to reason with the Governor using arguments discussing the separation of church and state, facts on Bible interpretations, that weed isn’t a man and the medical research on gay marijuana. Gov. Scott would not hear it.

The pro-gay weed supporters started their uprising when they found the new Amendment 2, which legalizes medicinal marijuana, did not legalize gay marijuana. The bill writers believed it was hard enough getting straight weed legal medicinally. They wish to win the battle one step at a time. But gay weed advocates are showing stern resistance to supporting a bill which is basically a homophobe.

Amendment 2 supporters are worried the gay weeders will ruin the chance of any medicinal bud being legalized at all.

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