Florida Potheads Showing Motivation for First Time Ever

Amendment 2 has done something that nothing else has ever been able to do. For the first time in known history, Florida potheads are getting off their couch and doing something. We have had citizen reports of Sarasota potheads holding signs by the street telling people to vote “yes” on amendment 2. Some have been spotted actually walking door-to-door with information booklets. One pothead has actually created a web site to promote medical cannabis information.

Rumors have spread that certain potheads have been huffing gasoline in hopes of getting a debilitating disease that can earn them a prescription to cannabis. We are not sure if they understand the amendment has not even passed yet.

But the biggest shocker has been the amount of potheads that are registered to vote. Voter turnout in Florida tomorrow is predicted to be of record proportion.

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