Jesus Makes Comeback: Turns Five Pound Bag of Flour into Blow

Saturday Evening, Jesus Christ of Nazareth came to Sarasota for the Robert Palmer Tribute performance at Robart’s Arena. Finding the lack of faith in the audience disturbing, He tried His best to focus on the music. But when a band member called Him out over the microphone, Jesus performed a miracle.

Lead singer Blandon Powell told the Son of God, “Dude, you ain’t done shit in 2000 years. You think you’re so cool, but I think your a phony with no skills left.”

Jesus asked for a bag of flour. The audience was confused but the stage hand volunteered to run to Publix. When he returned the bag had miraculously turned to blow, Jesus poured it out in a giant line across the stage.

“This is now the purest Columbian blow that has ever existed.”

Needless to say, the show went on to be the best party the Gulf Coast has ever seen.

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