Local Burnout to Run as Write-In Candidate for Sarasota County Commissioner

Local man, Kevin O’Gallain has been promoting himself through his personal Facebook profile as a write-in candidate for Sarasota County Commission in the upcoming election on November 4th. He seems incredibly driven thanks to the 5 or 6 likes his posts get. “I’ve got a chance, a real chance, and I’m going to change this town, I tell ya h’what.”

When we interviewed him in his attic home, the 48-year-old man showed incredible passion for his goal. After a 14 minute interlude on his guitar he segued into a song about bad politicians in Sarasota though he named no one specifically. We are curious if he even knew any local politicians’ names.

“Gotta fight the eeeeeeeevil Sarasota government people
Gotta free the SRQ Sheeple
I know I can do it
Our current Commissioner blew it
Leave it to the man…
Kevin O’Gallain”

At this point he broke down in tears of, what he described as, “pain and hope.”

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