Local Father Wishes Dog Would Stop Shitting on Rug in Hallway

Kevin Sconer, father of 3, has grown irate with his pet dachsund’s shitting habits. The dachsund, “Jojo” has been living with the Sarasota resident and his family for four years now.  According to Kevin’s wife, Brenda, “Jojo is part of the family, after four years you just can’t dump a dog over it’s shitting habits.”  Kevin disagrees but has not reached the point of killing the dog and risking losing his wife and assets.

Other’s say he appears to have reach that point, though.  While interviewing neighbors which Kevin has vented to, we learned Kevin might not understand exactly how far along in his rage he has reached at this point.  After waking at 3am to go for a late-night pee, Kevin stepped in dog shit and it squished between his toes. According to our sources, this is the last straw for him.

“I hate dog shit in the house, I despise it, but I make the kids clean it up.  What’s really killing me is it won’t stop shitting on the rug in the hallway that leads to my pisser!  If I feel dog shit squish between my toes at 2 a.m. one more time … ” Kevin failed to finish the sentence.  We probed for more information, but he chose not to comment at this time.

For now, Jojo continues to play with and entertain the children and Kevin has bottled up any new feelings.  We are watching closely to see when the explosion will occur.

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