Local Musician Plays Perfect Rendetion of Stairway to Heaven at Guitar Center

Jason Spangerson, a 45 year old Sarasota resident and guitar enthusiast, spends up to an hour nearly every day at the University Parkway Guitar Center playing a cover of the cover band Led Zeppelin’s cover, Stairway to Heaven. Jason tells SRQ News he’s been practicing the solo for the last 8 years and has “finally figured it out.”

Andrew Koving, a Guitar Center staff member, claims he’s never heard such a well performed cover of Led Zeppelin before. Andrew claims Jason is far from the only person playing Stairway every day. Kids come in and play the famous riff all the time but no one has come close to nailing it like Jason. Jason hopes that his cover will eventually catch the ears of the local and national record labels and bring him close to his dream of being Jimmy Page. He also continues to grow his hair out, put a sock in the crotch of his leather pants and work on his British accent.

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