Local Woman Hints Christmas List to Husband

Area alcoholic soccer-mom and loving wife, Janice Liebers, has been making subtle hints to her husband about what she would like for Christmas. “I’m just trying to get the hint out there, hehe, couple of things I’ve been wanting. Can’t wait to be surprised!”

Janice left her husband Jerry a sweet note early Monday morning. It was a print out featuring a 2015 Tahoe circled in hand-drawn hearts. At the bottom it reads: “I’ll fucking leave you if this isn’t in the drive-way Christmas morning.”

Jerry, a successful banker in town, is struggling with a balance between budgets for his friends and family. “It’s obvious my family gets the majority of my Christmas budget but how do I split it between them and my girlfriend?” He says a divorce would ruin his life but if he upsets his girlfriend he may not get laid for a while. “It’s a struggle I deal with every year but I’ve always been able to pull it off.”

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