Man Slowly Becoming Better Friends with His Drug Dealer than Expected

Bradenton resident, Jonathon Frober (28) has recently become closer friends with his drug dealer known only by the name “Reembo.”

We were able to ask Jonathon some questions, he was happy to help us get a better insight.

“You see, I just needed a weed dealer.  I’ve lived here 5 years and it’s just been so inconsistent going through this friend or that friend’s buddy.  Pretty sure I was getting ripped off big time.  Finally my friend introduced me to Reembo and after hanging out a couple times, he gave me his number.  Said text him for anything.”

We pushed Jonathon to further elaborate on “anything.”

“Well, uh, turns out he has X, pure MDMA, blow and even carries around viagra so you can get it up while being all fucked up.  I’ve been on a huge blow kick lately and Reembo is always there! He even delivers!!”

At this point Jonathon was getting very excited and needed to take a bathroom break.  When he returned he wouldn’t stop talking.  We had to trim down to the most vital parts of his blabbing to keep the article readable.

“He hangs out and gets fucked up with me!”

“Yea, it’s pricey, about 80% higher price than normal dealers, but he’s cool!  Did I tell you he delivers?!”

“I can’t believe how close we are getting, it’s like he’s actually my friend.  You know what, he IS my friend! I think he might be my BEST friend! We are so comfortable with each other that sometimes we just hangout and play with our phones and tablets instead of even talking.  That’s friendship right there!”

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