Sarasota Man Constantly Losing E-Cigarette in Couch Cushion Looking for Permanent Solution

Daniel Colburns, a Sarasota native, recently switched from smoking Camel Filters to an electronic cigarette.  The controversial electronic cigarette has grown a rapid user base within the recent years.

“The damn thing is always getting lost.  I’ll tear the couch apart and still not find it!  It takes three or four looks in the couch before I can finally find it wedged.  It’s really getting frustrating.”

When prompted about intended solutions, Daniel said every thing he has considered is temporary and he needs a permanent solution to the issue.

“I tried tying a string to it that attaches to the coffee table, but then I have to take the string off any time I get up.”

He said he went to the e-cig stores Totally Wicked and SmokeTek, both located on Tamiami Trail and recieved no advice.

“The guy told me to just stop dropping it in the couch.”


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