Sarasota Man Discovers Pile of Laundry on Couch Makes a Pretty Good Pillow

Sarasota native Johnson Dannyson keeps his clothes clean. Johnson and his wife Karlie do laundry at least 3 times a week. As a team their cleanliness is something to strive for, that said, they haven’t quite figured out the best way to overcome the challenge of getting it from laundry room to bedroom.

“We go in knowing what needs to happen, but somewhere between opening the dryer door and getting it from point A to point B it always ends up on the couch in a pile.”

We sent our crack team of investigators to monitor the couple and see if we can’t just nail down what’s happening.

According to our research, the duo seems to have a “will fold these later” moment once laundry is in hand. They appear to be leaving it on the couch, subconsciously, as a good spot to do the folding. But, the folding never happens. Before long the clothes pile withers as the husband and wife grab what they need out of it every day to wear.

There is always a silver lining, Johnson says the pile “actually makes a really decent pillow. And it’s like a pillow that never gets dirty!”

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