Sarasota Man Reluctant to Take Higher Paying Job Due to Fear of Real Work

Seamus McNewman (33) has been “working” at Manatee Memorial for 2 years now. Recently, while toying around on during his shift, McNewman managed to land a pretty decent job offer.

“It would be around 40% more money a year taking me from 35k to 50k salary. Benefits are good, the whole thing lines up nice, but I just don’t think I’m ready to really work yet.”

No one really knows what McNewman does. An interview with his co-worker revealed people just refer to him as “the computer guy.” McNewman doesn’t work in the I.T. department, technically his position falls under the marketing department.

“I recently got back into MySpace, it’s way different than it used to be. Lots of things to discover on there,” he told us when asked what he does at work. We had to clarify and ask for a job description. “Oh, nothing really, every now and then I get an email asking me if I know how to do something in internet explorer. Usually I can help with that.”

According to the HR database, his title is “Assistant Marketing Technician.” We have no idea.

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