Local Chinese Take-Out Chef Actually Makes Food Hot When Requested

In an unlikely turn of events, SRQ News editors found themselves stranded at the corner of Tuttle and 12th Street in Sarasota mid-morning Wednesday. With an ever growing appetite they turned to the small plaza they could see from the break down position.

Being quite over-weight, most of our staff has a solid understanding of the culinary arts. When ordering Chinese take out, they all agree that asking for spicy it tends to barely tickle the taste buds at every venue they’ve been a patron. They explain it as a universal rule in the industry. But one place has broken the code and supplies Sarasota with the best, spicy Chinese take-out dishes available, and that place is Uncle Wen’s.

“I was crying and had to stop eating half-way through my meal. It was a cry of joy, but the pain was real,” writes our Senior Editor Greg Adams. “I’ve found the holy grail of American Chinese fast food.”

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