Newly In-Shape Husband Moves Troll Wife to Shed

Gary Smaggers (42) has been married to his wife Gina for 15 years.  The two started off like any couple with a lovely honeymoon period full of sex and infatuation.  Following the standard downward spiral they soon reached the status of a typical married, American couple.  Sex was forced once or twice a month and they spent as little time together as possible without looking like a completely failing marriage.

“No one wants to give off the impression they failed at picking their life partner.  And as a part-time Christian it’s my duty to not divorce her.”

Gary has recently lost 45 lbs, styled his hair and learned to dress.  He’s picked up a high functioning alcoholism hobby and gets new attraction from women he’s never known before.  His wife, who has put on a solid 110 lbs since marriage, quit brushing her teeth twice a day and learned showering three times a week is more than enough has been moved to the shed.

Gary feeds and waters her four times a day, “I’m not some kind of monster.  I make sure she’s fed and she gets hosed off as often as she likes.”

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