Office Worker Fears Receptionist Judging His Office Candy Bowl Habits

James Keaney (32) works as a marketing assistant for Boch Branding, Inc.  The organization leaves a bowl of mixed miniature candy bars on the receptionist’s desk for guests and staff alike to help themselves to.  The company leaders claim it’s small things like this that help keep spirits up and clients comfortable.  Unfortunately it’s doing the opposite for Keaney.

Keaney finds an excuse between 9 and 10a.m. to walk past the receptionists area.  Usually this involves grabbing a soda from the coke machine in the main lobby.  On his way back to his desk he makes small talk with the receptionist while grabbing three or four miniatures.  He tells us, “I like to get a mixture of Snickers and Twix.  Usually more Snickers so I can finish with a Twix.  I’m not a fan of the Milky Ways but if the others are out I don’t mind them.”

Keaney says his second trip is usually around lunch time when he’s leaving to grab some food.  This time he only grabs one or two so the receptionist doesn’t think he’s greedy.  It’s the third trip that really gets to him.

“I just want a couple more.  They are there for every one and it shouldn’t be an issue if I take three trips.  But I can tell she’s judging me.  I see it in her eyes as they avert away from me when I approach.  At this point I just don’t grab any.  When I’m lucky, she’s up going to the bathroom or making copies so I can grab a handful.  I just don’t understand why there has to be so much pressure.  It’s not fair.”

Keaney’s working on a new strategy that doesn’t involve having to spend $1.50 in the mornings every day at the coke machine.  “That’s $45 a month I’m spending on getting these guys.  That’s my internet bill right there, I don’t even like soda.”

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