475 Year Long Study Reveals 68% of Religions Are Fake

Belgian scientist, Jargo Jingleheims, spent the last few centuries dedicated to a research project that has finally been published as of today.  According to the double-blind placebo trials, decades of artifact findings, the many sit-downs with God and Vishnu and 1000’s of experiments, nearly 70% of the world’s religions are fake.

“It’s not easy learning your life’s core belief system is just made up.  We released the results today and now we sit and watch the responses.  I have a feeling a lot of people will just continue on blindly following something that has been proven completely false because it makes them feel good.”

The results are in.  The following religions are completely fake:

Korean shamanism
Bahá’í Faith

Amazingly enough, the Jews and Satanists are actually right.

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