Alternate Angle of Unconditional Surrender Statue Reveals Finger-Bang

Artist Crocker Fleed was put in the spotlight Thursday afternoon after a car knocking over his interpretation of the famous “Ultimate Surrender” photograph revealed a sexual act. A car ran into the statue knocking it over for the 6th time this year, but this was the first time it was hit by a car travelling west and also the first time it was not hit intentionally. The new angle showed viewers a sight many weren’t ready to see. 11 year old, Joey Marbles, said he liked the statue and believes they should leave the artist’s work as the artist intended.

“I believe artists should be respected. If this is what the artist created then this is the art that should be shown. I, for one, think it’s beautiful as-is.”

Sarasota government officials have required Fleed to update the sculpture or they will remove it altogether. Fleed says he will. Most Sarasota residents wish he would just let the government remove it.

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