CEO, CTO and CMO All Pretty Sure It’s The CFO Getting Piss All Over Corporate Executive Suite Bathroom Floor

Barnes & Peabody Inc. Executives Maynard, Barnes & Peabody are pretty confident in their assumption. They rallied over early morning coffee at the local Dunkin Donuts for a final discussion about the large puddles of piss surrounding the shitter in their executive suite on the 9th floor of the Harmon Building in downtown Sarasota.

“We’ve all been keeping eyes on the flow of bathroom traffic as best we can but no one has definitive evidence it’s Todd,” Maynard the Chief Marketing Officer tells us. “But we are all livid and he’s really the only other person that uses that bathroom besides our secretaries. And they’d have to stand and squat with intention to piss all over those goddamn floors.”

The three executives have no action plan as of yet, but with the landslide voting win of 3/3 amongst their group, Todd has been convicted in their eyes.

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