Family Lands in Venice on Vacation Seeking the Italian Coast

AP Reports a Louisiana family of five landed at Venice Municipal Airport (VNC) early Thursday morning from New Orleans. They left Wednesday morning to start their ten day vacation. Harold Homegarten (48), a successful minister for a mega church, wanted to explore the Italian canals and country side.

“When we were booking the flight we noticed it had a bunch of layovers and small jumps, but I guess that’s what you have to do to get to Europe these days,” Harold tells us. His wife is excited about trying real, Italian pizza and practicing her language skills on the locals. She tells us her Rosetta Stone came in a month ago and she’s been spending a good ten minutes per day learning.

“Per i canali!” We heard her exclaim as she jumped into the back of a taxi van that clearly had “Florida Taxi Co.” printed on the side.

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