Illegality of Gay Marriage in Florida Not Good Enough, Gay Divorce Now Illegal

“Not a chance,” said Florida Attorney General Bondi when asked if a couple married in Vermont were going to be granted the divorce they were seeking. “They fucked up,” she continued, “shouldn’t have got married in the first place. If normal married couples are forced to grow miserable together or go bankrupt, these ones can too.”

The couple, who prefer to remain anonymous, were seeking an amicable split. Minimal court and lawyer fees, the couple felt they just grew apart and wanted the best for each other which meant moving on. Bondi made it clear this “is not ok. Hetero couples can’t have simple divorces, due to the nature of the relationship style [man and woman] there is no way to divorce without animosity and sinking thousands of dollars into the judicial system. We aren’t about to change the way things work for one gay couple that got married in Vermont, for Christ’s sake.”

At the moment Bondi may have the legal reach to keep this from happening which would require the couple to take a trip back to Vermont to separate the legal binding.

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