Local Local Can’t Stop Getting His Local On

James Albridge of the Gulf Gate area has been localling it hard for a few years now.  Having moved to Sarasota in 2009 he didn’t really feel it was his home until around 2011 when he moved into his 3rd rental and got a raise at his job filing insurance claims.  At this time he also had a small group of friends and a potential girlfriend.

Now, in 2015, he has reached a level of comfort in Sarasota known by few.  He has embraced the deepest aspects of being a Sarasotian.  He’s local as fuck.

“A typical day for me? Well I wake up to the sounds of dolphins I recorded on my phone. I get in my Subaru with a kayak rack and drive to Perq for my morning juice-me-up.  After that I go pretend to work at my office on Tuttle.  Lunch is typically Main Bar or Geckos though sometimes I feel fancy and get some buffet at Gateway to India.”

James took a breath, he was talking pretty fast while getting his hangover cure on at Sarasota IV Lounge.  At press time he was also lightly sipping on a locally grown sustainability drink from CROP in Gulf Gate.

He continued, “In my afternoons I tend to browse SMS’s Facebook page to see what’s going on,” he giggled, “Oh, you probably don’t know what that stands for, I’m just so local I have short names for every thing.  It’s Sarasota Music Scene, a grass roots initiative to elevate the music scene in Sarasota.  I’m a big part of that, I support local music like crazy.”

At this point he began to rant about the homeless situation and trailing off into local politics.  We zoned out and his voice began to sound like a distant vacuum cleaner sucking up pebbles.

*Shirt by Dylan Jon Wade Cox

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