Local Musician Installs Bay Door to House in Order to Fit Ego Through

Local part-time DJ Raef recently hired Bust-A-Brick remodeling company to install a bay door to his house. He said he needed to be able to fit in and out again. Recently an acute swelling of the ego has forced him to squeeze in his front door.

“The rubbing hurts my ego,” he tells us, “so I had them put in a bay door. Plus my lasers are big and stuff.”

According to RaeF, the one man act that plugs in a computer to run his shows, he’s seen some success recently and can’t figure out how to avoid the medical condition.

“My insurance is ok, but I don’t like going to the doctor. I figured I could just bleed it out.”

RaeF tried bleeding it with a syringe but had no luck reducing the swelling.

The bay door does have a remote since RaeF demands all parts of his life include electronics.

RaeF can be seen playing a set at the battle of the bands this Saturday (Oct 11). Palm Ave, 4:30 PM

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