Local Pair of Breasts Attempt to Grow Brain

We managed to get a discussion with the head the pair of breasts had already grown. According to the half tissue, half silicon mammaries, they learned to talk using a small computer chip that was installed into the head piece.

“We don’t really have much use for this head beyond talking until we can get a proper brain to grow. We’ve tried some new methods recently that give us an appearance of a brain but actual logic, common-sense and ability to maintain eye contact through stimulating conversation is still to be desired.”

The new methods involved getting exposure as a “human” and not just a nice set of jugs. By getting into part-time modeling with the help of make up artists to make their face as attractive as possible, some people have actually gotten the first impression the tits were actually a human bimbo and not just two lumps of squeezable body parts.

We caught back up with the duo last week and they’ve managed to land a spot on a local bikini lines internet commercials. “We are finally breaking in to the human race!” They also said creating a Facebook profile that showed the face and head primarily in pictures was bringing some success.

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