Sarasota Law Enforcement’s New “One Beer” Law to Cut Down on DUI’s Backfires

A new regulation put in place by SRQ officials has completely backfired. Police campaigned for a new “One Beer” law after constant complaints by citizens that the blood alcohol level was too confusing. Many DUI recipients claimed it was nearly impossible for them to know what their BAL was without an expensive breathalyzer. In order to cut down on the excuses and help people know when it is and is not safe to drive, police had the “One Beer” law passed. The law states that one beer per hour will keep you within the legal limit and is acceptable to drive.

The following day Wal-Mart sold out of 64oz beer mugs and plastic cups, Total Wine sold out of North Coast Brewing Company’s 10% abv Old Rasputin growlers and DUI’s sky-rocketed. SRQ police are beefing up their legal team as dozens of lawsuits come at them. We will be following this story closely and expect it to get pretty ugly.

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