SRQ Home Explosion Owner Revealed As Wile E.C. III Esq., Cause of Explosion Discovered [EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS]

Mr. Wile was just starting his car in his garage when an explosion occurred that not only killed him but blew the roof off his house and sent his garage door flying across the street into the neighbor’s. Many in the neighborhood believed a plane had crashed as their houses rumbled and giant flames leaped into the air. But evidence now points to foul play. Suspected is Wile’s long time nemesis, Rod Runar.

Rod, an Arizona desert transplant, was once quasi-famous for being a professional track sprinter. How he and Wile become enemies is not quite clear though many say Wile started it. For the past decade things have been quiet between the two and Wile believed their grudge was finally a thing of the past. But now, it appears to have been revived and at a deadly level.

According to reports from the Sarasota Sheriff’s department. TNT was used to create the explosion and they say it was activated manually which means if it was Rod, then he was in the neighborhood watching. The tripping device appears to be from ACME Co.

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