Local Right Wing Fanatic So Far Gone He’s Approaching the Left Wing from Behind

Local man, Dr. James Smickers who has multiple blogs where he posts his political ramblings, has pushed the limits of just how far right a right-winged fanatic can go. In 1988, scientists discovered the political winged spectrum is actually a circle, similar to Columbus discovering the world is round. If you go far enough right or left, you may end up crossing into the other wing.

In a sit down interview with Dr. Smickers , he informed us “I just reached a point of hating gays, Muslims, left wingers, single moms, Scandinavians, acupuncturists and non-Christians that I felt a tickle. I mean, the hate has gotten so strong it’s pushed my emotions to a tipping point and when I say tickle it’s like I felt a tiny light shine in a cave of pure darkness. And I touched that light, and it felt good, and non-metaphorically speaking it was another man’s genitals.”

Smickers says he has since backed off the hatred a couple notches to avoid a similar experience. “But if that goddamn liberal wins the Governor election I may just go full blown gay!”

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