Studies Show God Gave Up on Earth, Started New Planet 1900 Years Ago

Researchers in Helsinki have found a planet off the cusp of galaxy 9658-b1 that they have named Orca 510c.  According to their calculations it was brought into existence nearly 1900 years ago (Earth time).  This planet is millions of years younger than any other planet known to exist.  Baffling the scientists they turned to God.

Apparently God said he gave up on this creation nearly two millennial ago.  “Humans turned into a bunch of losers way quicker than I would’ve ever imagined.  Look at Sodom and Gomorrah, that place was fucking awesome.  Wild sex every where, drugs, parties.  Then some assholes came in and burned it down blaming it on me!”

The Divine Creator said he learned from his past mistakes.  This planet he created a race of beings and gave them large amounts of Earth cocaine right off the bat.

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