Symbol Found in Satanic Bible Appears to Depict 941 Area Code, Citizens Concerned

A local group of Satan worshipers claim the 941 area code is depicted on page 2081 of the Satanic Bible. They’ve spread the news over the internet and it has gone some what viral. There has been a report of one heart attack related to the news. An 87 year-old Baptist woman was reported to cry “Satan’s here, the demons are coming!” after which she grasped her chest, fell over and died.

Local business man, Jack Krauser, says he’s fine with it. He knew Satan owned the 941 area since he moved here, “Hell, it’s the reason I moved here!” he exclaimed.

All denominations of Satanists have come together to praise their savior over the discovery. “We always knew there was something special about this place,” we were told.

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