Unlikely Proposal Actually Succeeds and Splits Florida into South Bamassippi and New Cuba

In record time the Latin communities and retirees governed by white trash parts of Florida were split in two. A proposal that appeared out of no where and went viral actually passed with unanimous vote to split Florida in half. The resulting states Bamassippi and New Cuba push the U.S. of A. into an unprecedented 51 states.

New Cuba has multiple bills approaching legislators within an hour to secede from the country. “We just want our communism back!” cries a passionate voter, who is now actually a legal resident. Along with the implementation of New Cuba came a sweeping pass that all land-dwelling residents became legal citizens.

Bamassippi has also presented bills of secession. Not for themselves, but to remove New Cuba from the country. Bamassippi has also passed Amendment 2 at the same time yet some how made weed more illegal than ever due to some loopholes no one spotted in the bill in relation to state-splitting-in-halfings. They also managed to remove Rick Scott from office and replace him with an empty jar of pickles as the new Governor of Bamassippi.

Nothing like this has been seen in the history of America. We all sit on our hands in anticipation as to what will happen next.

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