STUDY: Research shows 4 in 5 Americans Suffer from Diarrhea, 1 in 5 Enjoy It

Researchers have found that all Americans regularly have the runs thanks to the changes in food and diet over the past ten years.  The conclusion shows it’s not exactly unhealthy to have the squirts, but most people do not enjoy it.

Study subjects showed very similar descriptions when filling out the scientific surveys.  80% of Americans used terms such as “burning, itchy, raw, cramps” and “sloppy” to explain how they suffered from the gastro-intestinal mishap.  But what researchers found to be incredible and a bit shocking, the other 20% didn’t just not-suffer but actually enjoyed the anal leakage.  There terms were quite different: “explosive, satisfying, losing weight, easy clean up,” and “raw.”  Apparently “raw” has two different meanings depending on the subject.

In related news, ex-lax stock has dropped significantly over the past decade with a large downward trend after the release of this study.

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