World’s Tallest Man Meets World’s Most Average Man

(Ankara, Turkey) In an incredible display of human biological achievement, the world’s tallest man Sultan Kosen at 8’3″ reaches down to pat the shoulder of the world’s most average man, 5’9″ Barry Davidson. Barry sits cross-legged, annoyed he can’t focus on his scheduled meditation, “I do this at a specific time every Thursday but they just had to schedule the photoshoot at two. I picked this up during my last divorce, the counselor told me it helps alleviate the emotional pain and jump start the xanax.”

Sultan, towering above every one at this event, was all smiles. “I’m blessed to experience this life in such a unique manner,” he expresses with his thick Turkish accent. “I know my life will be shorter than average, but I’m living twice as much as the average man in that time! Like Barry!”

Barry, having given up on his meditation, let’s the photo shoot staff know he’s really in the mood “for a hamburger hold the pickles and NO cheese.” Having spent his life as a travel agent, Barry has seen his share of foreign countries. “I used to love travelling around the world. Every country I went to I’d find the most affordable fully-guided tour and let them show me the famous landmarks,” he explained. “I’m sick of it though, at this point I just want to stay home and watch my ‘The O.C.‘ DVD box set and maybe masturbate on occasion.”

Barry and Sultan both hold the Guinness World Record for their respective categories.

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