New Facebook Terms Allow Access to Your Neighbor’s Bank Account

If you thought it was bad enough that the most recent terms & agreements from Facebook allowed them to dip into your personal bank accounts without notice, you (and your neighbors) were not ready for this. The newest terms set to be released on Monday the 12th will allow Facebook to actively withdraw from anyone who lives within 250 feet of your residence. Using antiquated community agreement laws, Facebook has managed to do this and it is completely legal. The only way to keep it from happening is to copy and paste the below statement into your Facebook status:

I hereby do not consent to Facebook, Inc.’s requirements regarding financial institutes. I fully acknowledge Facebook’s ability to remove me from their system based on this statement. I also have full legal right to charge Facebook with punitive action via legal charges and create a lawsuit in regards to all monetary loss and emotional stress.

To my friends on Facebook: Help yourself, learn more here:

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