International Rock Superstar Misses Dead End Cubicle Job

Jason “Ragin” Mixon is about ready to hang up the guitar and get back to his old life.  After chasing the dream in a small local rock band resulted in him leaving his desk job and hitting the road, Mixon soon launched into super stardom thanks to a couple hit singles his band “The Quakers” released in the mid 2000’s.

“Ten years of touring makes me really miss the desk, the cube and doing nothing all day.”

Mixon tells us he’s sick of having to do things.  He has to write music, record music, do drugs, stay single and worst: Drive in a “fucking goddamn bus all the fucking time.  Yea, it’s a nice multimillion dollar touring vehicle but fuck me if I have to sleep on a goddamn twin bed in my early 30’s.”  Mixon said the 10 or so hours of work he used to do every week looks like heaven compared to the all day and night affair he’s dealing with now.

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