Local Band Sells CD to Person Not Related to a Band Member

acesLocal, self-described, “Progressive-Country-Metal” band “In Them Guts” performed Friday night at Ace’s in Bradenton.  After the show, one of the three audience members approached the guitarist, Dirk Mattox, about purchasing merchandise.  Dirk tells SRQNews.com that the band does not have merchandise at this time as they do not get paid by any venues to play.  Thinking on his feet, Dirk quickly told the audience member he could get him a CD for $5 but he needed to get it from his car.  The man agreed and Dirk went to his car and burned a copy of their iPhone recordings from practice to a blank CD on his laptop.  He took a sharpie and wrote the band name on it.  The man hesitated, but what we can only assume was an act of sympathy, he handed over four $1 bills saying he was “a buck short” as Dirk recalls.

We do not have the name of the Humanitarian, but we can only guess that he has travelled on to help other desperate acts in need.  Dirk promptly spent the $4 towards his $35 bar tab and did not inform the other members of the sale.

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