Apple Releases Top Five Request Made to Siri Nationwide

By request of the California Research Commission, Apple has complied and turned over the top Siri requests to a publicy funded research group. Thanks to public records our journalists were able to get a copy. Below are the top 5 requests people have made to Siri using their Apple mobile products ranging from iPhone to iPad.

5. (782,003 times in 2014) – “Siri, why is she such a bitch?”

4. (812,894 times in 2014) – “Siri, why does Obama hate me?”

3. (3,896,120 times in 2014) – “Siri, is two day old pizza left in the car safe to eat?”

2. (137,006,376 times in 2014) – “Siri. Porn. Now.”

1. (6,183,100,806 times in 2014) – “Siri, set a reminder to kill myself Wednesday at 11am.”

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