Obama Gives 2 Trillion Dollars to Special Team of Scientists Creating Inventions from Movies

Obama has once again stepped up to the plate nearing the end of his term as POTUS.  He’s been tackling some huge items on the liberal agenda from immigration to free college.  Now he grants just over two TRILLION dollars to a science consortium focused on bringing our fictional movie inventions to life.

“We are honored to have been selected for this grant.  We want to bring the items we’ve all seen and wanted to the real world.  They tend to solve practical issues we face day in and day out and as we bring them into existence we expect massive impacts for the human race,” wrote a spokesperson in the PR statement released to media.

Obama took the platform announcing the bill on Wednesday morning.  “Who doesn’t want a hoverboard?” He began to a reception of giggles and hand claps. “But in all seriousness, Detroit would be a much nicer city if Robocop actually did exist.  I put hoverboard at number four on the list because I know we have some more important items first.”

The White House then released a list of the first run of inventions to the AP:

  1. Robocop
  2. Honey I Shrunk the Kids shrinking gun
  3. Honey I Blew Up the Kids blower upper gun
  4. Hoverboard
  5. Flux Capacitor
  6. The stuff that brings cartoons to life in Roger Rabbit
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