Local Church Taking Advantage of Gay Marriage Ruling

As of January 6th, it will be legal for same sex couples to get married in Florida. This is has been an issue where many churches and politicians have been staunch opponents. It seems as if some have had a change of heart.

While Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi hasn’t fully admitted defeat, she is no longer standing in the way of county clerks issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples. Others are taking a more practical approach to this change in state law.

Bradenton’s First Baptist Church of the Rock, Paper and Scissors is actively looking to be a venue for gay couples’ nuptials. They have recently built a new state-of-the-art facility in East Bradenton, and according to Pastor Don Diddle, they are in “dire need of advice on interior decorating.” He went on to say, “We know ‘those people’ are good at that kind of stuff. We can look past their heathenistic tendencies if they can help us spruce this place up a bit.”

Despite the past bickering, arguing and political maneuvering that churches just like Pastor Don’s have done to ban gay marriage, it appears that can all be forgotten now. Especially when an agreement can be mutually beneficial. Or as Pastor Don put it, “It is a ‘We’ll scratch your back, if you scratch mine’ situation. Not literally, of course. That’s disgusting.”

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