Local Spiritual Reader Baffled Everyone Has Same Spiritual Reading

“I’ve been a spiritual reader for a decade. Two days ago I was doing a reading for a nice young lady who couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her love life. Every man she dated ended up beating her or cheating on her. Her psychologist said she needed to stop dating the same type of man but she swore she changed her dating pool regularly moving from night clubs to biker bars to homeless shelters and she even tried online dating with craigslist casual encounters. Nothing worked, so she came to me like so many others,” we were told by Madam Pravlli, a local palm reader turned spiritual reader.

“I took her reading as I always do and what I saw for this young woman was a bright future, but she must keep herself away from men for a while and take some time to learn more about herself. If she did that, I saw a future with a husband and two and a half kids,” at this point Pravelli’s face turned cold with confidence.

“I realized something, every reading I have done for troubled people has been in essence the same thing: Step away from your problem area, grow as a person, try again but with the wisdom and self-assurance you’ve gained. These results are scary, I feel I’ve discovered the essence of human life. I think I shall write a book about it and then move on to being a spiritual healer since I’ve basically solved all problems spiritual readers could possibly encounter.”

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