Area Rat Devotes Life to Science

Gintek Research Labs is no stranger to using rats as test subjects, but to have a volunteer is “heroic in the least,” says scientist Greg Stromsky.  The lab usually has to buy their rats from trapping companies who push through a chain of suppliers to different labs across the country.

Monday afternoon there was a call from the front desk at Gintek to Stromsky’s office.  “Sir, there’s a rat here that would like to speak to you.”  Stromsky had the rat ushered back to his office.  Looking disheveled and broken, the rat explained, “I lost my best friend to an armadillo yesterday.  It was hard watching him be shredded into bloody chunks in front of me.  I realized life can be such a waste when lost at such a young age.  I looked around and realized I had nothing left.  I don’t want to end up dinner, I want to help the greater good.  I’m here to donate myself to research.”

Stromsky was truly touched by the small rodent and told him he is welcome with open arms and will be immediately placed in their top experiment.  later that day as he was sprayed down with new chemicals hoping to be used in perfume, the rat slowly died as his skin was melted from his body while smelling extremely pleasant.

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