Area Singer Songwriter Has Large Online Following, No Fans At Shows

Jina Krakowski has a “killer” online following, as she puts it. At nearly 800 Facebook likes and 3200 friends in her personal profile, everything she posts gets at least 10 listens. When she posts a dramatic photo of herself, she gets a few dozen likes every time. Once, a local self-proclaimed photographer took a picture of her with the sunset going down in the background. The intensity of the background light allowed a mysterious silhouette that highlighted her best features. With a guitar over her shoulder, she really looked like the real thing. “That picture got 225 likes… that’s when I knew I’d made it.”

The thing is, no one comes to her shows. She played the open mic at Growler’s Pub recently and three people clapped for her including one older gentlemen in a wife beater and captain’s hat making a “wooooo” sound for her. He also approached her in the parking lot later that night where she chatted him up for 30 minutes until he keeled over and relieved himself. “He was a true fan, he wanted to talk to me and even asked for my autograph I think. He was a bit hard to understand but I signed a flyer for him anyway and he seemed excited.”

For now, Krakowski said her online success is enough. It gives her the drive to reach the next level which she describes as moving from “entry-professional to full-blown radio star. Only one step left to go on this crazy ladder of musical success!”

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