Bee Ridge Area Man Murdered by Wife While Attempting to “Patch Things Up” with Scare Prank

Evelyn Beanerschmidt (33) spent four days in her two story house on Maiden Lane hearing voices. She reached a mental break down on Tuesday when she got home from work, put dinner in the oven and heard a loud whisper say “give me your soul.” She texted her husband, who she had separated from a month prior, “I’m losing it, I’m absolutely losing it. I think I’m going crazy or I’m schizophrenic. I keep hearing voices randomly whispering. I don’t know what to do. :(”

Jameson Beanerschmidt (34) told her to “hang tight” and he would rush right over. When he showed up and rang the doorbell she opened the door to her husband wearing a very large grin. “Look on the side of the fridge,” he told her. There she found a small device with a speaker. Jameson began roaring with laughter, “got you!” Evelyn quotes him saying. “He kept talking about ‘patching things up’ and ‘having fun.’ I almost checked myself into Bayside Behavioral Health Center.”

At this point Evelyn says she completely went blank but when she came to there was blood every where and her husband lay dead. It appears she killed him with her bare hands.

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